Unilever to market Axe shower gel with new ad campaign and packaging

NEW YORK With revamped packaging and a new campaign, featuring actor David Spade, Unilever is hoping to get more guys to use its line of Axe shower gel.

Axe shower gels now come in redesigned bottles that boast a curvy handle and a joystick shape like that of a video game joystick.

To promote the product, Unilever has teamed up with Spade to create “The World’s Dirtiest Film.” It is a short-length film presented by Spade featuring user-generated scenes of guys and girls getting dirty and then clean using Axe shower gel.

To kick off the campaign, Axe created a 5,000-square-foot mobile playground for guys and girls to get dirty. They can then get clean with the ultimate Axe shower: a rainfall of water, a foam machine, disco lights, music and Axe shower products.

The results will be compiled into “The World’s Dirtiest Film,” which will air on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC on Nov. 14.

Axe shower products have a suggested retail price of $3.99.

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