UCB reports positive results in Neupro mid-stage trial

ATLANTA Patients who used a drug by UCB for treating restless legs syndrome showed sustained improvements in symptoms over five years of treatment, according to data from a mid-stage clinical trial presented Tuesday at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting in Toronto.

The phase 2 study included 295 patients with moderate to severe RLS who used UCB’s patch Neupro (rotigotine). Of those patients, 126 completed the follow-up after five years.

“Many people with RLS will have spent months or years trying to get a diagnosis and find a treatment that can help them,” Madrid, Spain, Sleep Research Institute director Diego Garcia-Gorreguero said. “So these five-year results provide additional evidence that, once they start using rotigotine, people with RLS may experience long-term relief from their symptoms, and a significant proportion may become symptom-free.”

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