UCB recalls Neupro, marking a the third hit for the company

NEW YORK UCB SA has decided to recall a large amount of its Neupro Parkinson’s therapy making it the third setback for the Belgian company since November.

The company already experienced trouble when they were forced to strengthen warnings on their children’s cough medicine Tussionex, after death and other dangerous side affects were revealed, and were also rejected by European regulators for their treatment for Crohn’s disease called Cimzia.

The recall of Neupro, a Parkinson’s disease medicine delivered through a skin patch, was made because, according to published reports, the company was not sure if the skin patch was delivering the active ingredients correctly. They also alerted doctors to reduce the medication to patients, but not abruptly as it may result in patients experiencing fever, delirium and muscle rigidity, published reports claim.

Based on the news of its recall, UCB earned the third-worst position on the Bloomberg Europe Pharmaceutical Index this year, its stock falling 20 percent to 23.18 euros ($35.79), as well as a reported 28 percent since September 2006.

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