UCB launches liquid Vimpat

ATLANTA An oral liquid version of an epilepsy drug made by UCB has become available, UCB said Monday.

The drug maker announced the availability of the oral solution formulation of Vimpat (lacosamide) C-V in the 10-mg-per-milliliter strength. The drug is also available as an intravenous injection and in tablet form. Vimpat is used as an add-on treatment for partial-onset seizures.

“Having Vimpat available as an oral solution is very good news,” director of the University of Minnesota’s Epilepsy Research and Education Program Ilo Leppik said in a statement on behalf of UCB. “There are many people for whom swallowing pills is difficult, and the oral solutuion, which can be substituted milligram-for-milligram to the oral tablet, will be helpful to adults with swallowing difficulties.”

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