Twinlab launches new sports nutrition portfolio called CleanSeries

NEW YORK — Twinlab on Friday launched CleanSeries, a portfolio of sports nutrition products certified gluten-free and independently certified by the NSF International product certification program to verify the products meet nutrient label claims. The company also announced that celebrity fitness guru Joel Harper has officially joined as spokesman for the company’s CleanSeries product line.

“My clients are constantly asking me for advice about nutrition and supplements,” Harper said. “They ask, ‘Do I need supplements if I eat healthy already?’ My answer is always ‘Yes,’ because it is tough to consistently eat a well-balanced diet, and you want to make sure you get enough protein and nutrition every single day."

“CleanSeries demonstrates that you can deliver both high performance and high nutritional standards in the same sports nutrition line,” stated Marc Stover, Twinlab director marketing. “So whether you are training for a triathlon, hitting the elliptical to shed a few pounds, or just trying sports nutrition products for the first time, you can trust CleanSeries to help you perform better and to recover faster.”

The CleanSeries line will launch with five products and a total of seven SKUs once flavors are factored in. The product line includes CleanSeries Sport Protein, CleanSeries Whey Protein Isolate, CleanSeries Soy Protein Isolate and CleanSeries Pre-workout Activator. 




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