Twinlab Consolidation Corp. acquires Twinlab Corp. in strategic, employee-led buyout

NEW YORK — Twinlab Consolidation Corp. on Monday announced it has acquired Twinlab Corp. in a strategic, employee-led buyout. 
“In a fragmented industry, it is fundamentally difficult to influence outcomes and shepherd change," stated Tom Tolworthy, TCC CEO. "This applies to everything from government regulation to standardized raw material quality to the simple consumer desire for safe and efficacious solutions for their health needs,” he said. “Steeped in the authenticity of natural, clean, organic, good-for-you health solutions, TCC aspires to serve the rapidly growing needs of the health-conscious consumer through proprietary manufacturing, efficacious health solutions built on science, and increased market penetration through focused customer-based distribution.”
According to the company, the buyout is designed to inject new life into an existing brand and create new opportunity through the expansion of distribution channels and increased manufacturing capacity. 
"Everything that happens in this industry starts with the 6,000 mom-and-pop health food stores," Tolworthy said. "They are the educators – the innovators – and they set the trends that everyone else economizes against. TCC not only wants to move along the curve of those trends, we plan to move the curve."
In addition to its namesake brand, Twinlab, established in 1968, TCC also manufactures and sells other brands including the Metabolife line of diet and energy products; Fuel line of sports supplement products; Alvita teas; and Trigosamine joint support products.
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