True Lemon adds flavor to any food, drink

BALTIMORE A new product from True Citrus adds zest to any beverage or meal without packing on calories.

True Lemon is made from fresh lemons but has zero calories and less than 1 g of carbohydrates per serving. It also does not contain preservatives or artificial ingredients or sweeteners. True Lemon is available in convenient, on-the-go packets and can be used as an alternative to salt, added to water and more.

Afew more fun facts about True Lemon:

  • Helps people drink more water. An independent survey conducted by the University of California Santa Barbara found that daily True Lemon users increased water consumption by 61%. Eric Durak, Health and Wellness Specialist at the university system, noted, "True Lemon gives an alternative to sugary soft drinks, and even cold beverages such as iced mochas or teas, that may contain caffeine or other artificial ingredients."
  • Can be used as a seasoning instead of salt, thereby helping to decrease the risk of sodium-related hypertension. Nutrition expert Diane Henderiks, R.D., said, "True Lemon is a great way to flavor food instead of using salt."
  • Provides 25% of an adult's U.S. RDA of vitamin C in each serving. Vitamin C, an important antioxidant, helps collagen build-up, allowing skin to retain elasticity so wrinkles take longer to form. True Lemon makes it simple and convenient to get a quick antioxidant boost, whether at work, on-the-go or dining out.
  • May help shed pounds. Many people find replacing sugary beverages with water and True Lemon helps reduce their caloric intake, which can lead to weight loss. Also, fitness expert Jackie Warner said on NBC's Today Show, "Water with lemon juice is important every day ... It boosts [your metabolism] big time. You can burn 100 calories a day by drinking three liters of water with that lemon juice." True Lemon is a convenient, natural substitute for fresh lemon juice, True Citrus said of its product.

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