Trouble sleeping? Vicks reveals why Americans are tossing and turning at night

CINCINNATI – Nearly 9 in 10 Americans (87%) say they have experienced trouble falling asleep, according to a new survey from Vicks ZzzQuil released Monday.

In fact, two-thirds (67%) of Americans state they have trouble falling asleep at least once a month and nearly half (47%) report that they experience this trouble at least once a week. Stress related to family life tops the list of things that keep Americans up at night, with 41% saying family stress prevents them from falling asleep easily, outweighing financial concerns (32%). And almost one-third of Americans (30%) say they have had trouble falling asleep easily because of an experience or interaction with their boss.

“Whether it’s work, family, finances or being connected to devices, we know that sometimes life just keeps you up,” stated Paul Gama, VP North America Personal Health Care, Procter & Gamble. “With nearly one-in-two Americans experiencing trouble falling asleep at least once a week, it is clear that people are not alone in their quest for a good night’s sleep. We want people to know that there is an easy solution, like ZzzQuil, that can help them fall asleep in as little as 20 minutes to get the rest they need.”

Contrary to popular sleep advice, many Americans turn to their devices when they can’t fall asleep. More than a third (36%) report that they log on when they can’t nod off, whether it be surfing the internet (26%), checking or posting on social media (19%) or checking/sending emails (15%).

Additional findings from the survey reveal that of those who tried a sleep-aid, four-in-five (80%) report that a sleeping aid helped them fall asleep more easily and stay asleep all night. On the other hand, less than half of those who tried idealistic approaches had success, with only 46% of those who tried using calming scents in the bedroom and 45% of those who tried drinking hot tea reporting that it helped them fall asleep more easily and stay asleep all night.

ZzzQuil commissioned a survey, conducted online by Harris Poll in December 2016 among more than 2,000 U.S. adults, to better understand how Americans are sleeping and uncover the realistic and idealistic approaches they may take to catch those highly-coveted zzzs.

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