Trojan to unveil new products at Consumer Electronic Show

First-time CES exhibitor emphasizes innovation, vows to “revolutionize the pleasure industry”

PRINCETON, N.J. — In an unconventional move for a maker of consumer healthcare products, Church & Dwight’s Trojan condom brand will be a first-time exhibitor at the 2011 International Consumer Electronic Show. The company plans to use the highly publicized event to unveil a host of new products, including a multitip personal massager and “the new thinnest latex condom in brand history,” according to the company.

Why would a condom maker attend CES? To “provide an inside look at what goes into [its] personal technology product innovations and how [it] plans to revolutionize the pleasure industry,” the company noted.

“This is about innovations and making quality, safe pleasure-enhancing products,” said Jim Daniels, Trojan VP marketing.

Daniels, along with chief scientist and condom developer Dr. Michael Harrison, will represent the brand at CES. "Innovation in this category is critical," Harrison said. "At the show you'll see ultra-thin TVs; tiny, solid, state-hard drives; and thousands of other innovations designed to improve the consumer experience. It's a show dedicated to inventiveness, and that's exactly why we're here. We'll be announcing a collection of new products in early January that we believe are every bit as innovative as some of the bigger consumer electronics announcements — and certainly as important."

Trojan will exhibit as part of the Digital Health Showcase at CES, which will be held Jan. 6 to 9, 2011, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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