Trojan 'Safe Ride' taxis hit the road to promote sexual health

EWING, N.J. — To help mark Condom Awareness Week, Trojan Brand Condoms has deployed a fleet of Trojan Safe Ride taxis to drive home facts about condoms. New Yorkers are invited to get in one of the taxis to test their sexual health IQ by participating in a condom trivia game while en route to their destination.

On Feb. 14 and 15 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., people will have the opportunity to receive a complimentary "safe ride" in designated zones within New York City. Passengers who hail the Trojan Safe Ride taxis will be asked to challenge themselves during this interactive trivia experience, aimed at providing passengers with accurate information about sexual health and condom usage. All passengers have the chance to walk away with Trojan Brand Condoms prizes.

"While using a condom is easy, it is important that people have the facts to ensure they are using them consistently and correctly, and that we continue to dispel the myths associated with condom usage," said Bruce Weiss, VP marketing for Trojan Brand Condoms. "The Trojan Safe Rides serve as a 'vehicle' to get the facts out in a fun and engaging way."

For those not in the New York City area, the initiative coincides with the launch of the Condomology website,, a consumer-friendly sexual health resource developed in partnership with the American Sexual Health Association. Consumers can log on to view a new short film documenting the historical journey of one of the most important sexual health innovations ever created, titled "The History of Condoms."

Perimeters of the designated zone are 14th Street, 1st Avenue, E. Houston Street, S. Bedford Street, Hudson Street and 8th Avenue in lower Manhattan. For more information, please visit

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