TrimWater purported to help those watching their weight

NEW YORK A study released by the New York City Department of Health stated that between years 2002 and 2004, the obesity rate in New York City went up 17 percent. New York City health commissioner Thomas Frieden has said that to avoid health issues stemming from obesity, New Yorkers should consume fewer calories.

To address the issue, Lifestyle Beverages, the makers of TrimWater diet drink, are touting their H2O alternative as beneficial to health because it contains low amounts of calories and sugar.

Eight flavors of TrimWater are on the market, including black cherry-blackberry, blueberry-pear, lemon-citrus, passionfruit-berry, peach-mango, pink grapefruit-honey, pomegranate-cranberry and raspberry-vanilla. The health drinks also reportedly contain no artificial colors, artificial flavors, aspartame, carbonation or preservatives.

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