TriDerma's specialty skin care items launch in California Target stores

ANAHEIM, Calif. — TriDerma, a provider in medical strength skin care products, has announced that its Facial Redness Repair and Psoriasis Control Skin Healing Creams are now available in California Target stores.

Psoriasis is a common skin condition effecting roughly 125 million people globally, with symptoms usually beginning between the age of 15 years and 35 years. This autoimmune disease appears as scaly, flaky skin buildup, along with itchy raised, red patches. Ranging from mild, moderate to severe, psoriasis can effect only a small portion of skin or a person’s entire body.

The Psoriasis Control solution is a cortisone free, concentrated, non-greasy cream that provides relief for psoriasis on the face, scalp or body. It relieves skin of white, flaky cell build-up, extreme dryness, redness, scaling and itching. While there is no cure, daily use of Psoriasis Control helps skin look and feel normal.

More than 45 million people globally have been diagnosed with rosacea, yet many others suffer from this condition without knowing what it is that makes their face red. Commonly effecting people ages 30 and older, rosacea usually appears as flare-ups of redness on a sufferer’s cheeks, nose, chin or forehead.

Daily use of Facial Redness Repair cream helps heal blemishes and redness due to sensitive skin or rosacea. The non-greasy cream helps provide results like those from a dermatologist. It contains professional strength anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamins, botanicals and healing essentials to calm and balance the skin.


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