Trident chews on vitamin C claim in new gum flavor

CHICAGO — Trident, which is owned by Kraft Foods' Cadbury unit, is rolling out a new gum lineup called Trident Vitality that includes a new flavor, Vigorate, which contains "10% of the daily value of vitamin C" in each piece, according to the company.

The gum line, which will be introduced early next year, also will include Rejuve, a blend of mint and white tea; and Awaken, a peppermint flavor with a "dash of ginseng," the company said.

Kraft is incorporating health into its marketing, saying the gum adds a "little piece of delicious well-being," and is targeting an audience in their 20s and 30s who are into wellness. "One thing we found is that as people age, the gum flavors may be less relevant with their lifestyle," Kraft spokesman Basil Maglaris said. "This is an opportunity that we saw [to be] relevant with consumers in the 25 to 34 age range." The message of the new line will focus "more on the experience associated with the gum," Maglaris said, emphasizing that only one variety has the vitamin.

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