Topps drives Speed Racer candies into retailers

NEW YORK Just in time for the release of the fast-paced Warner-Bros. “Speed Racer” action film, Topps candy is launching Speed Racer items interspersed throughout its candy lines. Topps candies are featured in the movie, which opens May 9.

The multibrand items feature the signature “Speed Racer” car design and logos, and have been available at retailers since the start of March.

Topps units receiving the “Speed Racer” logo include Baby Bottle Pop, Bazooka Bubble Juice Push Pop and Juicy Drop Pop. All four rank among the top-selling candies that are non-chocolate.

A spokesman from Topps said the company is very excited to get involved in the marketing of this season’s highly-anticipated family film and he believes with its racing action and recognizability the line will be successful. 

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