Tom's of Maine creates 'Goodness Report' to increase communication with consumers

KENNEBUNK, Maine — Tom's of Maine on Friday announced the launch of Goodness Report, a new way for consumers to learn more about the company's ingredients, packaging, waste, water, energy and community.

"Our company has been dedicated to human, healthy and environmental goodness since we were founded 43 years ago," said Tom O'Brien, CEO of Tom's of Maine. "This report is one way we're trying to increase awareness around what we do, and it's an invitation for others to tell us which key goodness area we should focus on most to make a lasting, positive impact."

The Goodness Report is a new way for Tom's of Maine to share information about its story and values-based business practices in greater detail than in the past, O'Brien said.

The new resource features benchmarking completed in 2011, an update on projects supported in recent years and a goals tracker for 2015 and beyond. The Report also invites consumers to prioritize which goodness area matters most to them. The company will take the public's top pick and increase focus in this area.

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