Tide's Professional line remains eco-friendly, effective

CINCINNATI Tide is enhancing its professional laundry line with new innovations.

Procter & Gamble, the company behind the Tide brand, said that its Tide 2x Professional liquid is the first of its kind, providing a phosphate-free, near neutral pH professional detergent. Additionally, P&G's Professional unit also announced the launch of new Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer, a nonbleach rinse aid designed to enable whiteness rejuvenation, whiteness longevity and fabric strength, and help provide noticeably whiter linens in a single cycle.

“Tide was first introduced to consumers in 1946, and since then, we’ve continued to make great improvements with proprietary technology to ensure we provide the high-volume professional laundry community the most effective and safe products possible,” said Eric Hetrick, P&G Professional North America commercial director. “For more than a quarter century, Tide has been providing professionals in the on-premise laundry setting an effective linen-cleaning system that is designed to be safe, operate with a noncaustic, near-neutral pH formula and is completely phosphate-free. Because even back then, we knew it was important to be environmentally conscious, while providing a formulation gentle enough for employees handling industrial-sized laundry loads and producing soft linens that customers desire.”

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