Tide Loads of Hope partners with American Red Cross

CINCINNATI — Tide announced that its mobile laundry program has developed a partnership with the American Red Cross to further expand its disaster relief efforts.

Each year, Tide Loads of Hope will donate funds to support Red Cross global disaster relief efforts to assist in places where Tide Loads of Hope might not otherwise be able to help, Tide said. In the event of a disaster within the United States, the Red Cross will offer the Tide Loads of Hope team its on-the-ground, expert counsel to help the team provide the most effective relief response.

“As Tide Loads of Hope continues to grow, we are grateful for the support of the American Red Cross. [Its] expertise in disaster relief, coupled with our ability to provide an important basic necessity to those in need, will allow us to strengthen our ability to aid families affected by disaster,” said Kevin Crociata, Tide marketing director. “Together, we will be able to reach more people in more places.”

Tide Loads of Hope initially launched after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and continues to provide hope and fresh laundry to those in need. This month, Tide's mobile laundry program released a short documentary film about Tide Loads of Hope relief efforts in Haiti, called “Espwa,” or “Hope” in Creole. The film, which can be viewed on Facebook.com/Tide, is narrated by Tide Loads of Hope ambassador Faith Hill. The film also will be screened at a special event in Park City, Utah, during the 2011 Film Festival.

Tide Loads of Hope traveled to the country this past August to provide the National University Hospital of the State of Haiti and Zanmi Beni, a home for disabled orphans and abandoned children, with their first-ever working laundry rooms with washers and dryers.

“It is that inspiration and our recent trip to Haiti that has led us to create this special film, which we hope moves the nation and urges people to help families affected by disaster,” Crociata said.

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