ThinkGeek introduces nostalgia-scented candles

FAIRFAX, Va. — ThinkGeek's GeekLabs on Wednesday announced the launch of four votive candles scented to evoke special memories, from a pizza arcade to a high school locker room.

"You always see candles that take you on 'exotic journeys'," staid Ty Liotta, chief of GeekLabs. "We wanted to create something more accessible. Something that every geek will relate to."

The four exclusive candle scents include: "Middle Earth," evoking grass, rolling farmland and bright blue sky; "Retro Arcade," scented like candy, pizza and a pocket full of quarters; "Teen Spirit," reminiscent of high school; and "Space," meant to smell like the ozone and neutral zone.

The GeekLabs department of ThinkGeek has been responsible for creations like the Annoy-a-tron and Mega Stomp Panic. This is their first work with the wax candles. ThinkGeek, a subsidiary of Geeknet, is a retailer for the global geek community.

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