Tetley launches Black & Green tea blend

Company surveys tea drinkers

MONTVALE, N.J. — Tetley USA, the U.S. subsidiary of the U.K.-based tea company, released results of a survey of tea drinkers to coincide with the launch of its new Black & Green blend.

According to the "Simply Brilliant" survey, tea drinkers are more likely than non-tea drinkers to have tried a new food, drink, restaurant, clothing style or hobby in the last three weeks. Meanwhile, more tea drinkers than non-tea drinkers say that trying new things makes them happy, that being adventurous is important and that they'd be interested in a new hobby or activity. Other findings include a higher likelihood among tea drinkers than non-tea drinkers to have traveled to a new location in the past 11 months, to have fit exercise into their lives or to have an interest in taking a class or learning a new skill.

"We have always known that tea drinkers are exceptional people, so we are excited to share this new data to support the brilliance we see in our consumers," Tetley USA marketing executive Marc Birnbaum said. "We are also eager to share our own bit of brilliance with our new Black & Green blend. We have heard from consumers that they would like to drink more green tea for its renowned benefits, but aren't always happy with the taste."

The new tea blend, the company said, is designed to add the benefits of green tea, but without the bitter taste. The tea will be available in a new, premium flip-top, 72-count box for about $4.39.


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