Tender creates a buzz around its new 'spokesbug' through social media

LITTLETON, N.H. — Through a social media campaign coined the "National Bug Report," After Bite tracked the path of the Mystery Bug, increasing curiosity around this potential new stinging threat. On April 1, the bug was revealed as the brand's new spokesbug, a character introduced to educate families on the good, bad and interesting world of insects, Tender announced. 

"As the leading insect bite treatment brand, we want to make the world of bugs fun for parents and children," stated Jason Cartwright, CEO of Tender. "Now revealed, our Mystery Bug will be the voice that educates and interests moms, dads and children on all things 'buggy' and provides expertise on making family outdoor adventures safe, comfortable and fun."

As the brand's new spokesbug, the Mystery Bug will be used through marketing, social media and public relations as an educational voice and the "expert" on all things related to insects and insect bite treatment. The Mystery Bug will provide advice on staying safe and enjoying the outdoors; tips on insects and how to avoid them; fun statistics on bugs and their benefits to the world; advice on how to treat bites if stung; insect bite prevention and treatment.  

With the reveal of the campaign, the Mystery Bug will be seen in-store on displays. Through their Facebook channel, After Bite will host a "name the Mystery Bug" contest in April where one family will win an outdoor gear package for their next family camping trip, valued at over $3,000. Retail and online coupon promotions as well as in-store giveaways will also spread the Mystery Bug throughout the United States.

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