TeleManager's iRefill app expands to other smart phone platforms

NEWARK, N.J. A smart phone application designed to aid customers at retail pharmacies soon will be available for additional smart phone platforms.


TeleManager announced that it would make the application, iRefill, available for the Android and Blackberry, in addition to the Microsoft and Apple platforms for which it already is available.



The application allows users to order prescription refills and pull up information about pharmacies, such as the address, store hours and a "call the pharmacy" option.



“The iRefill service was an immediate hit with several of my customers,” said Craig McAlister, owner of Conrad Marr Drug in Yukon, Okla., in a statement on behalf of TeleManager. “Not only are they using it to request refills or call my pharmacy, but they are showing their app to [friends] and colleagues.”


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