Target prepares for first Black Friday in Canada

In recent years, retailers in Canada have launched Black Friday deals so shoppers stay local

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Canada's Thanksgiving happened last month, and its major day of frenzied holiday shopping traditionally happens on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, but Black Friday shopping has been making waves up there in recent years as well.

Target said it would be "pulling out all the stops" to offer customers at its Canadian stores deals for the holiday, opening stores at 7 a.m. and closing at 11 p.m., offering discounts on products like high-definition televisions, digital cameras, clothing and accessories, toys and kitchen appliances.

"Target is excited to offer Canadians deals like never before for our first holiday season in Canada," Target SVP merchandising John Morioka said. "Guests can shop with confidence knowing they will find incredibly low prices on this season's must-have gifts, including electronics, toys, home decor and appliances, fashion and more."

A major reason for the spread of Black Friday into Canada is that Canadians living along the border have often traveled south to take advantage of discounts for holiday shopping, and retailers there have responded by launching their own Black Friday deals to encourage shoppers to shop locally.


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