Target launches new products, program for diabetics

Retailer offers new meter, test strips, co-pay program

NEW YORK — Target has launched new products and a co-pay assistance program for customers with diabetes, the mass merchandise retailer said.

Target announced the release of new blood glucose meters and test strips. The retailer also offers products like alternative site lancets, alcohol prep pads and diabetic nutritional shakes.

The company also announced the launch of a $4 co-pay assistance program, as well as a free private-label blood glucose meter for customers who qualify for the program.

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- 2:29 PM
Diabetes Pharmacy says

Very smart of Target. This aligns their efforts with what Rite Aid is doing with their Diabetes Control project. Other retailers considering a similar strategy will be interested in the offering.

- 5:09 PM
murrjohn987 says

Although this article is old, I still felt it important to comment on how Target is making an effort to make a product line that is affordable for people to use to get the treatment they need. I always appreciate when large corporations give up some of their profits to help spread the word and raise awareness for healthy living. On my basketball apparel blog there is a page that focuses on how Nike has tried to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Anyway, thanks again for sharing and I hope more companies get on board with this movement.

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