Target gives away first aid kits to Canadian customers

Retailer-commissioned survey finds 22% of western Canadians lack a first aid kit at home

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — A survey commissioned by Target Corp. recently found that nearly one-quarter of Canadians in some parts of the country don't have first aid kits at home, and more than half don't have one in their car.

The survey, conducted by Leger Marking, found 22% of western Canadians don't have a kit at home, and 60% lack one in their car, while 58% of people without first aid kits think they have first aid essentials in various locations around the house.

"In addition to sunshine, summer brings an uptick in cuts, scrapes and bruises," Target Canada director of healthcare operations Jeffrey May said. "Properly treating wounds can increase healing by up to four days, which is why Target recommends having first aid essentials in a kit that is easy to locate, and visiting your local pharmacist to learn how to properly treat scrapes and bruises."

The mass merchandise retailer will give away Target-branded first aid kits in preparation for the summer between June 30 and July 15.


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