Target customers frequently turn to pharmacists for allergy advice, survey finds

Only 25% of adult allergy sufferers prepared for season

MINNEAPOLIS — More than half of allergy sufferers seek advice from pharmacists and doctors, a new survey by Target has found.

The survey found that of the 70% of American adults with spring allergies, 56% seek advice from a pharmacist or doctor. The 2,111-person survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of the mass merchandise retailer. The survey also found that 34% of respondents said the worst parts of the spring allergy season were the side effects of medication, while 32% cited being unable to enjoy time outside and another 32% cited sleep interference, but only 25% said they were prepared for allergy season.

"As Americans begin to take more control over their healthcare choices, pharmacists have emerged as a valuable and trusted resource," Target associate medical director Kevin Ronneberg said. "Target pharmacists serve as a partner on both sides of the counter and can help guests find relief by identifying the best over-the-counter products to alleviate and treat specific allergy symptoms and triggers."

Surveying 1,200 of its own pharmacists on the top concerns expressed by customers with allergies, Target found that pharmacists frequently had to answer questions about drugs they would recommend to alleviate symptoms, the difference between private label and branded OTC medicines, and which medicines are safe for children.

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