Take 10 introduces two new relaxation beverages

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Take 10 Beverages on Monday launched Take 10 to Relax and Take 10 to Sleep, two relaxation shots joining a number of recent introductions that are the yin to an energy shot’s yang.

"We view the success of the energy shot category as telling in terms of how consumers are now looking at dietary supplements and the role they play in everyday life," stated Ryan Erickson, Take 10 Beverages COO. "Why are we in such need of energy boosts throughout the day? The answer is that an overwhelming number of Americans lack quality sleep and the tools necessary to relax. That's where Take 10 fits in, and it does so in the 2-oz. shot format that consumers and retailers are familiar with."

Take 10 to Relax and Take 10 to Sleep feature a proprietary blend of natural herbs, including kava root, rose hips, passionflower and chamomile, among others. The brand adds vitamins B6, B12 and other holistic ingredients that when combined properly inhibit stress, improve mood and combat anxiety.

Each 2-oz. bottle retails for $2.99, and is available at select grocery and convenience stores nationwide and online at Take10Beverages.com.

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