Tactile Systems debuts Flexitouch head and neck lymphedema treatment

MINNEAPOLIS — Tactile Systems Technology announced its Flexitouch system will be available throughout the United States to treat lymphedema of the head and neck, a common consequence of head and neck cancer and related treatment. According to the company, this new product is the first and only pneumatic compression therapy approved for this condition. 

Following Food and Drug Administration clearance in September, Tactile Medical completed a limited-market release including more than 80 patients with lymphedema of the head and neck. Of the patients who tried the device, 88% saw a reduction in head and neck swelling after an initial 32-minute at-home treatment with the Flexitouch system, and 89% of patients reported improvement in other symptoms including increased ability to swallow, improved range of motion, a reduction in fibrotic (hardened) tissue and less discomfort, the company stated.

“We are thrilled with these positive results demonstrating that the Flexitouch system can help head and neck lymphedema patients effectively reduce lymphedema swelling and improve their quality of life,” said Gerald R. Mattys, CEO of Tactile Medical. “The Flexitouch system has helped tens of thousands of patients achieve better health and manage lymphedema symptoms in their extremities.  Now, for the first time, we can extend the benefits of Flexitouch to every area of the body.”

Lymphedema is a chronic disease in which excess fluid accumulates in areas of the body when lymphatic vessels do not work efficiently or have been damaged. This chronic disease affects more than 5 million people in the United States. 

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