Sylk USA launches personal lubricant targeting women

PHOENIX — Sylk USA on Tuesday introduced its new Sylk personal lubricant, a water-based lubricant made from New Zealand kiwi vine extract. The intimacy health product is being marketed as both gentle on the planet and gentle on a woman's sensitive vaginal environment with a neutral pH balance. 

Additionally, since it's water-based, it can be safely used with latex condoms, the company noted.

"An increasing number of women today are buying lubricants for themselves, proudly walking into stores, ordering online or calling us personally to openly talk about their [intimacy] needs," stated Shyena Venice, SYLK USA CEO. "Many are turned off by the potentially harmful chemical ingredients found in most drug store offerings."

According to the company, the new personal lubricant not only meets the needs of the young woman, but also the menopausal woman and seniors as the product is touted as adding comfort to those suffering from vaginal dryness associated with certain medications and treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation.

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