Susan G. Komen honors Walgreens with Mission Possible Award

FORT WORTH, Texas — Susan G. Komen honored Walgreens at its annual Susan G. Komen Leadership Conference, held July 17-19 here, with its Mission Possible Award. The award recognizes the organization responsible for the largest financial contributions this year.
Walgreens continues to demonstrate its commitment and dedication to the Komen organization through fundraising efforts and grant programs. Beginning in October 2013, Walgreens raised $7 million in cause related marketing in FY14 and $300,000 in sponsorships. Overall, Walgreens has raised $18 million for the organization.
"These exceptional contributions were made possible thanks to the company’s October pin pad program which raised more than $7 million in just 31 days through customer contributions at store check-out counters," the organization stated. "The program has successfully generated $15 million in just two short years for Susan G. Komen."
This model creates an added benefit for many within the Affiliate Network who choose to engage Walgreens in the opportunity to apply for the funds for local grant programs. “These programs offer hope within the local communities and provide the opportunity to make an impact in the fight against breast cancer,” stated Norm Bowling, Komen’s chief revenue and marketing officer. “As the program continues to evolve, it will allow greater opportunity for engagement and support in other channels.”
“We are honored to accept the Mission Possible Award. It’s important to continue working with organizations that provide individuals with access to programs that can help detect, as well as treat, such prevalent diseases as breast cancer,” commented John Gremer, Walgreens director of community affairs. “We’d like to thank our customers for their contributions and shared commitment to helping people get, stay and live well.”
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