Survey: Shoppers compelled to buy when armed with online coupons, coupon codes

AUSTIN, Texas — Online coupons and coupon codes could drive sales for businesses, according to a new study.

The research, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of WhaleShark Media, found that among 504 coupon site users surveyed, active coupon users reported not only spent more than less active coupon users ($1,850 versus $1,025), nearly three-quarters of active coupon users (74%) polled said that they more likely would try a new brand if they received a coupon or promotion code, versus 54% of less active coupon users. Additionally, visitors to online coupon sites made 18% more online purchases in the last six months and said they expect to spend 16% more (compared with other shoppers) in the next 12 months.

When it came to how coupons or coupon codes motivated spending, 88% said the promotions helped “close the deal” on their decision to make a purchase; 60% said they would be more likely to reconsider purchasing an item that hadn't previously bought if they received an online coupon or promotion code. A majority of those surveyed said online coupons and coupon codes boost a company's brand image (80%) and prompt positive feeling towards companies that offer them (88%).

Although it is known that online coupon use is on the rise, WhaleShark Media, which operates such couponing sites as,, and more, said it commissioned the survey to understand what this meant to those providing the deals (i.e., retailers and suppliers).

“The results are very compelling, suggesting that a mix of creative and effective retailer marketing, coupled with savvy and resourceful shoppers, can dramatically spur shopping activity and retailer sales,” WhaleShark Media CEO Cotter Cunningham said.

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