Survey says 6-in-10 adults don’t eat enough fruits and veggies

Meijer surveyed about 1,300 Midwesterners

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Is this the nutritional Twilight Zone?

Despite the common perception that kids are always reluctant to eat their greens, a new survey by Midwest retailer Meijer found that almost 6-in-10 adults don’t think they’re eating enough fruits and vegetables, while kids seem to be eating enough.

The mass-merchandise chain surveyed about 1,300 Midwesterners, finding that 58% of adults didn’t think they ate enough produce, with 39% citing cost and 20% citing difficulties with preparation, though a mere 5% blamed taste. It wasn’t out of ignorance of daily nutritional needs; 64% and 70% correctly identified the Department of Agriculture’s recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, respectively.

At the same time, 48% of respondents with children said their kids ate more fruit than other children, while 35% said their kids ate the same amount as their peers, and 13% said their kids ate less fruit than others. Thirty-six percent said their kids ate more vegetables than other children, while 4-in-10 said they ate the same amount as their peers, and 20% said their kids didn’t eat as many vegetables as other kids.

“Most people know they should be eating more fruits and vegetables, but they perceive them as expensive to purchase and difficult to prepare,” Meijer registered dietitian and healthy living manager Shari Steinbach said. “Fruits and vegetables are top disease-fighting foods, and consuming at least 5 cups a day can significantly reduce your risk of getting sick. Everyone should try to include at least one serving of a fruit or vegetable at every meal and for snacks.”

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