Survey: Organic food purchases gain momentum among baby boomers

AUSTIN, Texas A new national survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Whole Foods found that organic food purchases continue to increase among baby boomers.

While about 3-out-of-4 adults surveyed continue to purchase natural and/or organic foods (75% in 2010 and 73% 2009), the number of organic products found in their grocery basket has increased. Notably, 27% of adults said that natural and/or organic foods comprise more than a quarter of their total food purchases this year, up from just 20% a year ago.

Baby boomers also ranked the top items nearly always in the pantry/refrigerator in 1980 compared with today. In 1980, the top five items were:

  • Milk (89%)
  • Canned or frozen vegetables (83%)
  • White bread (74%)
  • Soda (74%)
  • Iceberg lettuce (66%)

In 2010, the top five items are:

  • Fresh fruit (83%)
  • Milk (82%)
  • Fresh vegetables (79%)
  • Wheat or whole-grain bread (77%)
  • Canned or frozen vegetables (69%)

"While the economic downturn has brought renewed attention to getting more value for less money, it is encouraging to see that shoppers don't want to cut corners on healthy, high quality food," said Michael Besancon, senior global VP purchasing, distribution and marketing for Whole Foods Market.

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Whole Foods Market from June 24 to 29 among 1,349 adults ages 46 to 64 years  and June 25 to 29 among 2,135 adults ages 18 years and older.

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