Survey: Online Father’s Day spending expected to be conservative

LOS ANGELES A report released Tuesday by and its parent company Experian found that online gift purchasing for both graduation and Father’s Day is expected to be conservative.

In fact, according to the survey’s findings, 36% of respondents plan to spend less than $25 on Father’s Day.

"While the recession will influence consumer shopping behavior for both Father's Day and graduation, it will also continue to have a significant impact in the future," said Barbary Brunner, CMO at "We're seeing the emergence of a new consumer trend we call 'price bragging.' In this day and age, people are excited about getting a deal that makes the most out of their budget, and when they do, they often share that information with others in their communities."

Of the 64% of online consumers celebrating Father's day this year, 27% will spend between $25 and $49 on a Father's Day gift; 15% will spend between $50 and $74; and 22% plan to spend $75 or more on a Father's Day gift.

When it came to shopping online versus offline, 41% of respondents said they would do less than half of their graduation shopping online; 34% said they would do more than half of their graduation shopping online; and 25% will do half of their graduation shopping online.

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