Survey: More than half of consumers have experienced in-device battery leakage

ST. LOUIS — A recent survey spearheaded by Energizer suggests that a vast amount of consumers have experienced problems with in-device alkaline battery leakage.

The survey, conducted in April 2014, found that more than 50% of consumers had problems with battery leakage in a device, and 60% of those consumers said that the leakage actually damaged their device.

Other findings from the survey showed that:

  • Seventy percent of consumers reported that when a battery did leak, it was either in a flashlight or portable light;
  • Fifty-three percent reported battery leakage in a toy or game; and
  • Fifty percent of consumers say that reliability is a top priority when buying batteries.

"It is important for us to listen to, engage with and deliver products that are relevant for our consumers," said Michelle Atkinson, CMO at Energizer. "Our research revealed a shift in the consumer mindset. While they previously defined battery performance only as long-lasting, today consumers also want quality and reliability. This means batteries that will not leak in their devices after they are fully used."



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