Survey highlights U.S. households’ growing interest in organic food

WASHINGTON — A new study from the Organic Trade Organization says that organic food is popular in U.S. households, due in large part because parents are interested in their children eating healthily.

According to the study released Monday, about 80% of the 1,200 households surveyed had purchased organic products in the past two years, and 90% said that their children are the reason they do so.

While about 25% of those surveyed said they always buy organic, that number is higher among households with infants, where about 33% said they always bought organic baby food. Overall, about 19% of people reported not buying any organic products in the past two years — a lower number than the 30% that hadn’t bought organic in the same survey five years ago.

“Choosing organic foods is increasingly a large part of how families are trying to take better care of themselves and the planet,” the OTA's CEO and executive director, Laura Batcha, said, adding that “those who are choosing organic are buying more.”

The increase in interest in organic products coincides with a high point among organic sales, which were at $35.1 billion dollars in 2013. This year, organic sales are projected to jump about 12%.

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