Survey: Chocolate is top choice for Halloween candy

WASHINGTON — A new Halloween survey from the National Confectioners Association, an advocate for the confectionary industry and its customers, found an overwhelming majority of respondents chose chocolate as their favorite Halloween treat.

“While chocolate prevailed as the top confectionery choice this Halloween, our survey also found that adults still plan to buy a variety of both chocolate and candy for the ghosts and goblins who darken their doorsteps on Halloween evening,” said NCA VP communications Susan Whiteside. “Individual buying and consumption habits aside, there’s no denying the role that candy of all kinds plays in this all-American holiday tradition — and that’s something even the grumpiest gremlin can celebrate.”

Chocolate garnered a resounding 72% among Americans are their top choice for sweets and treats during Halloween.

Other Halloween candies that ranked high on the list were candy corn (12%), gummy candy, chewy candy, hard candy, lollipops, licorice, and gum and mints, which totaled the remaining 16% collectively. The survey revealed two-thirds of consumers will buy a mixture of chocolate and nonchocolate candy.

Survey results also showed that Halloween is the top holiday for sharing candy, more so than Easter or Valentine's Day. Also, 64% responded that personal taste and favorite brands are top factors when it comes to purchasing decisions. 

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