Survey: Allergy sufferers at the workplace seek relief on the go

MENTOR, Ohio — A recent WorkPlace Media survey of working consumers found that 3-out-of-4 workers impacted by allergies purchase an allergy-relieving product when symptoms appear, because the normal pattern when allergy symptoms strike is to keep working versus going home sick. 

While most (65%) do not miss any full days of work during the year due to allergies, 35% miss at least 1-3 days. This could be due to a number of reasons: no paid sick leave; preferring to save paid leave for other illnesses, vacation or other personal time; or too much work to do, for example. As a result, marketers promoting allergy-related brands have the opportunity to fill the worker’s need to keep going despite allergies. 

More than half (56%) even maintain a supply of allergy remedies on hand at work. 

Many allergy sufferers rely on a convenience purchase for allergy medication — 83% regularly/occasionally pick up allergy medication on the way to or from work, and 46% regularly/occasionally leave work to make a purchase.

According to the survey, tissues were the most common allergy products kept at work (80%), followed by OTC medications (76%) and analgesics (46%). 

The survey, conducted in August, fielded mostly women workers (89%). Sample size was 545.

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