Survey: 8-in-10 workout enthusiasts don't have post-workout nutrition plan

Abbott's EAS Sports Nutrition survey uncovers an education need, possible merchandising opportunity

ABBOTT PARK, Ill. — According to a national survey of fitness enthusiasts who exercise three or more times a week, 82% admitted to falling short when it comes to post-workout nutrition habits, Abbott announced Tuesday. 

The results of the survey from Abbott's EAS Sports Nutrition uncover a gap between Americans' knowledge surrounding post-workout nutrition and their desire to improve their fitness routines and results.

Exercise and nutrition work in tandem. Evidence shows that obtaining proper nutrition at the right time is critical in maximizing the benefits of training regimens, including performance and improving lean muscle tone and reducing body fat. However, many fitness enthusiasts view post-workout nutrition as negatively impacting desired results:

  • 36% don't want to consume calories after a workout;
  • 53% believe that eating protein after a workout will build undesired muscle; and
  • 50% believe consuming carbohydrates post workout could yield less optimal results.

Half of fitness enthusiasts indicated that muscle fatigue and overall body soreness prevents them from exercising more frequently and amost all respondents (98%) said they were looking to improve how they felt post-workout in some way, including wanting more energy (42%) and less muscle soreness and fatigue (52%). 

While 72% of fitness enthusiasts know that post-workout nutrition helps restore energy, only one in three recognized that it also helps to decrease muscle breakdown.

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