Sure antiperspirant and deodorant reveals new packaging, new conditioning solids

NEW YORK — Sure antiperspirant and deodorant has unveiled a new packaging design and expanded its product portfolio with two new conditioning solids.

Sure’s updated packaging features an infinity band to convey the brand’s message of continuous protection that lasts all day. The colored infinity bands — which are softer shades of purple, pink, blue, green and orange — differentiate the scents. The overall design, including the new purple, curved cap offers a proprietary look, which is sleek, feminine and modern.

In addition, Sure has created a Vitamin-Infusion Conditioning Solid and a Pure Essence Conditioning Solid. These pH-balanced invisible formulas promised to provide lasting odor and wetness protection and work to reduce irritation and smooth skin. The unscented Vitamin Infusion variety conditions and repairs skin with vitamins A and E, while the Pure Essence Conditioning Solid features a light fragrance and aloe extracts.

“We are proud to introduce our redesigned packaging and innovative new varieties,” stated Rick Cutler, marketing director at Idelle Management Co.“While most of the deodorant category is currently chasing a scent story, Sure stands out for offering lasting protection and light fragrances that don’t compete with a woman’s perfume or lotion.”


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