Supervalu offers pre-diabetes blood glucose screenings

FRANKLIN PARK, Ill. Recognizing that the chances of developing diabetes can be significantly lessened if the warning signs are discovered early, Supervalu is offering this holiday season the opportunity for customers to engage in a pre-diabetes glucose screening program.

Considering the dietary habits that many Americans adopt during the holiday season, a large percentage of pre-diabetics may be doing significant damage to their health without even realizing it. “As the holiday season approaches, we encourage potentially at-risk adults to get the information they need to make wise and healthy choices before they notice symptoms,” said registered pharmacist Nancy Lyons, a certified diabetes educator and manager of Supervalu’s Diabetes Care Program. “In many cases, diabetes can be delayed or even prevented with early detection and by making appropriate changes in diet and physical activity.”

The screening test, which can be made by appointment at many of Supervalu-associated pharmacies, measures blood glucose levels simply by taking a few drops of blood from a patient’s finger. Adults are considered pre-diabetic if their blood glucose levels are higher than normal and below the threshold for a diagnosis of diabetes. Pre-diabetes affects an estimated 54 million Americans and, if not treated, can lead to the onset of Type-2 diabetes.

Lifestyle changes, such as healthy diet and exercise can delay and even prevent Type-2 diabetes. “Supervalu understands that good health starts with good nutrition and preventative measures like those provided by our Diabetes Care Program,” said Bill Baker, registered pharmacist and manager of Clinical Programs Marketing.

In addition to elevated blood glucose levels, other risk signs are high blood pressure, obesity, low HDL cholesterol, and a family history of diabetes. “By offering health screenings and quality education at our in-store pharmacies, we believe we can help customers manage their health and have a better quality of life,” added Baker.

Screenings are available throughout the year at nearly 500 locations, including Jewel-Osco, Albertsons, Shaw’s Osco and Sav-on Pharmacy. Patients can schedule an appointment and find the most convenient location by calling 800-783-0458.

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