Super Rad in talks to develop Mr. Bubbles-branded bubble products, toys

LOS ANGELES — A new line of bubble products and toys sold under the Mr. Bubbles brand may soon make its way to retail.

Super Rad Industries announced that it is slated to manufacture and distribute a variety of products, including the original Mr. Bubbles in a bottle and the Mr. Bubbles figure bank, through a licensing deal that currently is being negotiated between the two companies. Super Rad also said that it is planning to develop a line of licensed Mr. Bubbles products that will feature some of the most well-known brands and characters.

"We are very interested in developing such an esteemed brand as Mr. Bubbles. It has such a rich history in the toy industry and is an all-time favorite," Super Rad CEO Christopher LeClerc said. "We are looking into moving the entire manufacturing operation to Los Angeles. Super Rad is proud that we will be able to produce a made in the USA product."

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