Sunsweet offers new healthier snack options

YUBA CITY, Calif — Americans love to snack, but they don't always have to settle for treats sacrificing good taste for healthier ingredients. Sunsweet — a leading brand of dried plums, specialty dried fruits and fruit juices — bolsters that advice with its newest offerings: Amazin' Berry Blend and Amazin' Cranberries.

Both new blends include Plum Amazin's diced plums, which studies have shown can help fight osteoporosis by preventing bone mineral loss and contain potassium, copper, boron and vitamin K.

Sunsweet's Amazin' Berry Blend combines Plum Amazin's diced plums, cranberries, blueberries and cherries to create a sweet-and-tart blend.

With Amazin' Cranberries, Sunsweet steps into the popular cranberry market. Cranberries have grown consistently at 30% over the last three years. Amazin' Cranberries offer 23% less sugar and 12% fewer calories than standard cranberry-only options. The sweet Plum Amazin's diced plums serve as a great complement to the tart, albeit popular, cranberries, resulting in truly Amazin' Cranberries, which are great for snacking, using as a topping or baking.

"Consumers continue to seek convenient snacks that also offer nutritional value. Our new Amazin' products provide healthy snack options with less sugar and fewer calories for increasingly health-minded consumers," said Dane Lance, president of Sunsweet Growers.

Amazin' Berry Blend and Amazin' Cranberries are now available in retail locations.

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