Sunsweet acquires Function Drinks

YUBA CITY, Calif. — Sunsweet Growers has acquired a maker of dietary supplement beverages.

Sunsweet said its acquisition of Function Drinks is part of the company's ongoing action to help beverage brands enter the mainstream market. In line with the transaction, Sunsweet formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Disruptive Beverages Inc., which will house Function Drinks. Function co-founders Dayton Miller, who also serves as Function's CEO; Josh Simon, who also serves as Function's president; and Alex Hughes will continue to maintain leadership positions in the company, Sunsweet said.

"As an award winning co-packer of the highest quality beverages, Sunsweet is familiar with new, innovative beverages and the companies who introduce them," Sunsweet COO Dane Lance said. "For beverage ideas and companies that we truly believe in and that we believe are innovative and have a chance to challenge the 'beverage quo' we've set up a new approach to help them on their way."

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