Sunstar partners with Crayola on new children's toothpaste

BOSTON — Sunstar Americas and Crayola have partnered on a new children's toothpaste to make brush time "fun time" again. GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste is the newest addtion to the GUM Crayola line from Sunstar Americas.

GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste is safe for children 2 years and up and comes in a variety pack of child-size tubes in three flavors: Melon Blast, Blueberry Burst and Jazzy Apple. Each tube is fitted with a patented small nozzle that dispenses a thin line of paste across the brush to encourage kids to be creative and use multiple strips every time they brush.

GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste comes in child-friendly 1.5-oz. tubes and can be used as part of a healthy oral care regimen with any of the GUM Crayola Toothbrushes and Flossers. It will be available at select national retailers in August.

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- 8:19 AM
nyscof says

This is a terrible idea. This toothpaste encourages children to ingest fluoride, not only with pleasing colors and tasty flavors, but with a picture that shows three lines of fluoridated toothpaste on the brush. Poison warnings are on fluoridated toothpaste for a reason and, as we hope you know, kids should only brush with a pea-sized or dab of toothpaste and should never swallow fluoridated toothpaste no matter how pretty it looks and how good it tastes or how much fun it is to squeeze onto a toothbrush. Shame. You are doing way more harm to children than any possible benefit of fluoridated toothpaste.

Despite poison warnings printed on fluoridated toothpaste containers advising children use only a pea-sized amount, illustrations in ads in two widely-read parents’ magazines show four times that amount, which puts children at risk of bone and tooth damage, according to research published May 15, 2013 in the Journal of Community Health,

Researchers Basch et at write, “…excessive fluoride consumption, particularly among youth, can be dangerous. The risks of chronic fluoride ingestion include dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis of the bones, and kidney damage.”

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