Sunstar Americas rolls out Gum Soft-Picks in new package sizes

CHICAGO — Sunstar Americas, a maker of Gum and Butler brand products, is offering its Gum Soft-Picks in new 15- and 80-count packages.

Gum Soft-Picks have 76 soft, flexible rubber bristles that slide between teeth to remove food and gently massage gums. According to the company, Gum Soft-Picks are safe to use on dental implants, bridges, crowns and orthodontics.

To date, Gum Soft-Picks have been offered only in a package of 40, retailing for $3.49. Now Sunstar is offering a new 15-count package for $1.50 and an 80-count package for $5.99.

"In developing this product, we wanted to give consumers something easy to use in terms of shape and size, and with enhanced cleaning capabilities versus a standard toothpick," stated Nikki Lockett, senior marketing manager for Sunstar Americas. "Gum Soft-Picks can be used discreetly in a restaurant, in public areas or at the office."

Gum Soft-Picks also come with a portable travel container so they can be used on the go. They can be purchased in the dental floss section of the oral care aisle at major retailers.

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