Sunscreen Bands to take guesswork out of skin protection

HUNT VALLEY, Md. — JADS International, a health and beauty company, on Monday announced the introduction of Sunscreen Bands, which remind consumers to reapply sunscreen.

Sunscreen Bands change color as they detect the level of UVA and UVB rays based on the SPF level of an individual's sunscreen lotion, spray or cream. Bands are pink before they are exposed to sun and quickly turn dark purple upon exposure to demonstrate activation.

Once in the sun, the user should apply sunscreen over the band. The band turns a light purple shade as a reminder to reapply sunscreen, as the sunscreen's UV protection wears off. The bands gradually turn cream to alert the wearer that they have reached maximum sun exposure for the day.

JADS partnered with Marvel, Lifeguard, Alloy Entertainment and Save the Ta-Tas to provide fashionable bands with designs that will appeal to all ages.

"The intensity of UV radiation depends on altitude, latitude, season, air pollution, clouds in the sky, reflectivity and numerous other factors. Until now, determining sun exposure was somewhat of a guessing game for consumers," said Andrew Levine, CEO of JADS.

Sunscreen Bands work in salt and pool water, and are calibrated to work with all sunscreen lotions, creams and sprays with SPF 15 or higher. They are calibrated for people with Type II through Type VI skin, but are not recommended for those with Type I skin, the fairest type.

The new product will be available in March, sold in packs of five, at Kroger; Winn-Dixie; Kmart; Bed, Bath & Beyond; Giant Food; H-E-B; Brookshire Grocery; Buy Buy Baby; Kinney Drugs and Legoland Florida. JAD also offers private labeling and can create designs for schools, camps and other organizations.


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