Sunny Delight testing the waters with new juice drink

CINCINNATI — Sunny Delight Beverages Co. announced that it would be testing a carbonated juice drink aimed at consumers looking for an alternative to energy drinks. The product, SunnyD X, is currently available in independent convenience stores and select grocery stores in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

"SunnyD X offers more than the intense taste and 100% Vitamin C you would expect — it also offers a different kind of pick-me-up — carbonated energy that is uniquely provided by a combination of three carbohydrates, as well as seven B-vitamins to help metabolize the carbohydrates into energy," said David Zellen, associate marketing director.  "Simply put, SunnyD X offers the energy teens crave without the ingredients moms tell us concern them, such as caffeine and taurine. It's a win-win."  

SunnyD X is available in a 16-oz. can and comes in three flavors: orange, lemon line and fruit punch. The marketing plan for the beverage includes sampling at venues and locations of interest to teens, like concerts, sporting events, skate parks and beaches. A new website,, also will be utilized.


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