Study: Weight gain among lower protein formula-fed infants is similar to breast-fed ones

MADISON, N.J. Newly published findings indicated that infants fed a lower-protein infant formula developed by Pfizer Nutrition gained weight at a similar rate to those who were breast-fed, according to a study published online Wednesday in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


"This study showed that when we fed infants with a formula that contained specially adjusted levels of protein that more closely matched those found in breast milk, these babies grew at a rate similar to breast-fed babies," stated study author Rosario Capeding. "As we learn more about the importance of nutrition during early childhood, we recognize there is a critical need to ensure nutrients are received in the most appropriate proportions to support appropriate growth and development."



Added Patricia DeRusso, chief medical officer and VP Pfizer Nutrition: "At Pfizer Nutrition, we are committed to developing infant formulas that help formula-fed babies to achieve growth and health outcomes similar to human milk-fed babies. This study further supports the improved nutrient composition in our newly reformulated Gold line of infant formula, which will allow us to continue to provide growing children with the right amount of the nutrients they need during their critical early years."


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