Study: Vitamin D deficiency linked to clogged arteries in people with diabetes

ST. LOUIS — People with diabetes often develop clogged arteries that cause heart disease, and new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis suggests that low vitamin D levels are to blame. In a study published Nov. 9 in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the researchers reported that blood vessels are less like to clog in people with diabetes who get adequate vitamin D. But in patients with insufficient vitamin D, immune cells bind to blood vessels near the heart, then trap cholesterol to block those blood vessels.

“About 26 million Americans now have Type 2 diabetes,” stated principal investigator Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi. “And as obesity rates rise, we expect even more people will develop diabetes. Those patients are more likely to experience heart problems due to an increase in vascular inflammation, so we have been investigating why this occurs.”

In earlier research, Bernal-Mizrachi, an assistant professor of medicine and of cell biology and physiology, and his colleagues found that vitamin D appears to play a key role in heart disease. This new study takes their work a step further, suggesting that when vitamin D levels are low, a particular class of white blood cell is more likely to adhere to cells in the walls of blood vessels. “We took everything into account,” said first author Amy Riek, instructor in medicine. “We looked at blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes control, body weight and race. But only vitamin D levels correlated to whether these cells stuck to the blood vessel wall.” 


- 7:04 PM
jluck says

Being a health nut i take Bio-Curcumin from Life Extension and Liposomal Vitamin D from ... These products are near pharmacutical grade and fit right into this good article.

- 9:34 AM
Ross says

Alrighty now, and the proper protocol would be...? What is the dosage?

- 4:46 PM says

Ross, Better late than never, right? Sorry to have missed your comment! In the original article, the authors defined vitamin D deficiency as less than 30 nanograms per milliliter of blood. According to the 2010 update by the Institutes of Medicine, the RDA for vitamin D for people under 70 is 600 international units. For people over 70 it's 800. Here are some resources for you: The original press release from which I sourced this story: And a (free) book on the benefits of supplementing compiled by the Council for Responsible Nutrition:

- 3:44 AM
alexandra says

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- 9:31 PM
anot8910 says

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