Study: TheraTears Nutrition improves eye health

WOBURN, Mass. — Advanced Vision Research on Monday announced results from a pilot trial published in the journal Cornea that demonstrated a reduction in dry-eye symptoms and an increase in tear volume and tear flow for those patients taking TheraTears Nutrition, an optimized blend of omega-3 oils.

Almost 3-in-4 symptomatic dry-eye patients who received the omega-3 supplement reported having no symptoms of dry eye after 90 days. In the placebo group, only 7% had a complete reduction of symptoms.

The study also found that supplementation with TheraTears Nutrition, when compared with the placebo, resulted in 0.10 microliters/min. higher tear flow and 0.94 microliters higher tear volume, two objective parameters that are key to the improvement of disease in patients with dry eye.

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